Bomber Command Memorial app

During the Second World War, young men from all over the world volunteered to serve with the RAF in Bomber Command. 55,573 did not return. In 2012, a memorial was built in central London to remember their sacrifice.

The RAF Benevolent Fund has launched the Bomber Command Memorial iPhone app. This app brings the story of Bomber Command to life. If you are visiting London, this app will enhance your visit to one of the city’s newest heritage sites. The app has now been updated with exclusive content to mark the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters mission.

The Bomber Command Memorial app features:

  • The stories of some of the young aircrew who lost their lives.
  • Exclusive audio interviews with Bomber Command veterans, including a veteran of the Dambusters raid, and the daughter of a Bomber Boy.
  • An audio guide to the Bomber Command Memorial.
  • ‘Top trumps’ style guide to the aircraft used by Bomber Command.
  • An interactive guide to the Bomber Command Memorial.

This brilliant app has been developed by Mubaloo for the RAF Benevolent Fund, the guardians of the Bomber Command Memorial. 

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