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Actors who support our competition

We are pleased to have stars from the world of theatre, TV and film lending their support to our audio drama competition.

Their work speaks for itself and we are delighted that our competition has their backing. Whether they are proud for having served our country or of someone in their families who did, the actors below share why they support the Fund's Battle of Britain audio drama competition.

Sue Holderness Audio Drama

Sue Holderness

"I am immensely proud of my links to the RAF with my father and his two elder brothers flying throughout the Second World War. One of my uncles flew in the Battle of Britain, which is why I wanted to be involved in this project to commemorate their bravery and pay tribute to their sacrifice.

"I feel it is vitally important the next generation learn about all that was done to fight for the liberties they enjoy today. As an actress I am excited by the idea of challenging young people to bring this period of history to life through script writing. I look forward to hearing the finished production!"

Brian Blessed OBE Audio Drama

Brian Blessed OBE

"As a former RAF serviceman and actor myself, it is an honour to give my backing to this unique competition. As the years pass by and memories of the Battle of Britain fade, it's important to remember the great sacrifice that was made. This is a wonderful way to re-engage the public in this important part of our country's history."

Mark Moraghan Audio Drama

Mark Moraghan

"The Battle of Britain was a turning point for the Second World War, and the Royal Air Force played a crucial role in this. What better way to honour this important anniversary than by re-imagining what life was like at that difficult time. Good luck to all entrants - I look forward to hearing the winning submission!"

Minnie Driver Audio Drama

Minnie Driver

"From my own family's experience, the Second World War left its mark on a generation of men and women who answered their country's call. I'm proud to be the daughter of an RAF veteran who stood shoulder to shoulder with 55,552 other airmen as part of Bomber Command.

"Spitfire and Hurricane pilots took centre stage during the Battle of Britain but behind them were Bomber Command air crews, supporting the defence of our skies. I'm delighted this moment in history will be made accessible to a new generation through this audio play."


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