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Battle of the Somme


Here is a selection of photos taken around the time of the Battle of the Somme.

An FE.2b two-seat fighter

An FE.2b two-seat fighter pictured high above the trenches on the Western Front. (Photo: Air Historical Branch)


Compiling a composite mosaic of enemy lines from reconnaissance photographs. (Photo Air Historical Branch)

25 Squadron

Observer of this 25 Squadron FE.2b, A4578 'Gold Coast No 10', demonstrates the pillar-mounted Lewis gun. The aircraft is also fitted with bombs behind the main undercarriage. (Photo: Air Historical Branch)

DH2s of 29 Squadron

DH2s of 29 Squadron pictured at Abeele, on the Belgian/French border, in the summer of 1916. The squadron received DH2s shortly before being ordered to France on 26 March 1916. (Photo: Air Historical Branch)

FE.2b pusher aircraft

An FE.2b pusher aircraft of the Royal Flying Corps. (Photo: Air Historical Branch)

SE5a D3943 of 47 Squadron

D3943 of 47 Squadron fitted with an overwing Hythe camera gun. (Photo: Air Historical Branch)

Airmen with 10 Squadron RFC

Airmen with 10 Squadron RFC pictured at an airfield in Belgium, circa 1917/18. (Photo: Air Historical Branch)

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