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The Dambusters Miles at RAF Cosford

16-17 May 2018
RAF Cosford, Shropshire

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the famous Dambusters Raid, The University of Birmingham Air Squadron (UBAS) is holding a charity march around RAF Cosford's airfield.

19 teams of 7 representing the 19 Lancaster bombers and their crew, will walk (or march!) laps of the airfield overnight between 9.28pm on the 16th May and 6.30am on the 17 May - the first take-off and last landing times of the raid. Other volunteers, supporters and participants are welcome and encouraged to join in and do as little or much as they choose!

The event is designed to complement The April Fools Club charity bike ride which will see 19 teams of 7 cyclists riding from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire to the Möhne Dam in Germany from 16th to 20 May 2018.

Each of the 19 teams is encouraged to raise a minimum of £1000, with all proceeds going to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Event Timetable

The evening will start at 7.30pm in front of the UBAS where there will be a marquee serving food and refreshments.

  • The Dam Busters film will be showing on a big screen and there will be a live World War Two themed band
  • Teams will start walking at 9.28pm after a meal of two eggs, bacon, sausage and fried bread. At the times throughout the evening when each of the 8 Lancasters was downed, one-minute of silence will be held
  • At 12.39am (the time the Mohne Dam was breached) the walkers will change direction as if coming home
  • At 12.56am, Gibson's crew sent a morse signal using the famous name of his dog as the code word
  • At 1.54am Gibson sent the code word ‘Dinghy’ meaning that the Eder dam had also been breached
  • The first aircraft returned to Scampton at 03:14 and the last at 6.15am - the raid was over
  • The walkers will stop at 06:15 and breakfast will be available in the marquee

If you would like to take part in the march, please visit


0800 169 2942

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