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Freddie & Sugar: World War 2 Pilot's Story

As World War 2 breaks out in September 1939, a young Jack Connors heads for England from his home in County Mayo, Ireland in search of action, adventure and the opportunity to fly aeroplanes.

Travelling to America and Canada for training, he qualifies as a pilot with above average ability, and after a spell instructing, volunteers for service in North Africa supporting the British and American forces as they slowly drive the Axis forces back into Tunisia and eventual defeat.

Connors tells, in his own words, of the contrasts between an affluent and comfortable United States, at the time still at peace, a drab, dark and hungry England, and the scorching hell of desert warfare. Eventually shot down and captured, he makes a remarkable escape, returning to his unit to witness the end of Hitler's ambitions on the continent.

Few have written about this theatre of war. Connors' first-hand account is descriptive, engaging and humorous, appealing to historians, aviation buffs and anyone who enjoys a good yarn.

This book can be purchased for £5.96 for a paperback or £2.95 for a Kindle edition from Amazon.