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The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III, The Memoir of Jens Muller

Jens Müller was one of only three men who successfully escaped from Stalag Luft III in March 1944 – the break that later became the basis for the famous film The Great Escape.

Jens Muller front cover

Müller was no. 43 of the 76 prisoners of war who managed to escape from the camp (now in Zagan Poland). Together with Per Bergsland he stowed away on a ship to Gothenburg.

The escapees sought out the British consulate and were flown to Scotland. From there they were sent by train to London and shortly afterwards to 'Little Norway' in Canada.

In a vivid, informative memoir he details what life in the camp was like, how the escapes were planned and executed and tells the story of his personal breakout and success reaching RAF Leuchars base in Scotland.

A donation of 15% of the RRP is donated to the RAF Benevolent Fund with each sale.

The book can be bought from the Pen and Swords Books website.