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Operation Oyster

This book explores Operation Oyster which was carried out on 6 December 1942 by 2 Group RAF.

The operation was considered a notable success for the Allies, striking at the very heart of what Churchill termed 'the wizard war' against German radio navigational technology, by attacking a central hub of activity; the Philips Radio Works in Eindhoven.

The development of electronics in WWII was the most significant technical aspect of weaponry over the course of the conflict.

On both sides, there were great advances in radar and communications, which at that time, depended on the wide-scale use of high frequency radio valves. The Phillips Radio Works was one of the leading companies in Europe, thus making it an important target.

Ninety-three allied aircraft took part in the operation and fourteen were lost, however the result in terms of damage to the enemy was considerable. Yet the story of the raid has been under reported, and the efforts of the aircrew who took part have been little recognised.

By comparison, the Dambuster raid, which came just six months later, has entered into folklore. Here, for the first time, the overlooked Oyster raid is afforded the attention it deserves.

Operation Oyster by Kees Rijken, Paul Schepers and Arthur Thorning can be bought on the Pen and Swords Books website.