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Snuggle, Puggle & Puff

Snuggle, Puggle & Puff has been written by a serving member of the Royal Air Force.

Mr Stewart M Jackson wrote this story so that when he deployed around the world his son could have it read to him. Snuggle, Puggle & Puff is a bedtime story for  1 – 7  year olds. It tells the story of three cute little creatures that come to you, through a magic door, when you’re asleep. They take things from your room but always leave some 'Sleepy Sand' in the corner of your eye as a thank you.

Snuggle, Puggle & Puff is the first of 3 books in the series.

This book can be purchased for £4.99 for a paperback or £2.16 for a Kindle edition from Amazon.