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About the Great British Sunday Lunch
Hosting a Great British Sunday Lunch
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About the Great British Sunday Lunch

How do I sign up?
You can sign up online today

When is the Great British Sunday Lunch (GBSL)?
We're suggesting that people hold a lunch on Sunday 2 April, as the nearest Sunday to the anniversary of the RAF's foundation, but you can choose any day of the week which suits you. Ideally you would hold your lunch before the end of April but there is no restriction.

Does it have to be at lunchtime?
No, it can be any meal you like.

Do I have to cook a traditional Sunday roast?
It doesn't need to be a roast dinner. If you prefer curry / Italian / sushi or any other cuisine, feel free! It's worth checking if your guests have any dietary needs / allergies before you start to plan your menu.  

Hosting a Great British Sunday Lunch

Do I have to host my own lunch?
The idea is that people to hold their own lunch with friends and family. There will be a small number of lunch events taking place in local pubs. Please email with your full address to find out which pubs are taking part.

Can I only hold a GBSL in the UK?
Whether you've been posted overseas or live permanently outside of the UK, you are welcome to take part. The more people from far flung places the better. We have people hosting lunches in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond! However, please make sure you send your donation in pounds sterling rather than any other currency.

I own/ manage a pub/ restaurant and I'm interested in hosting a lunch there. Can you help?
Fantastic news. Please email and we'll be in touch.

Fundraising packs

When will I receive my fundraising kit?
You should receive your pack within five days of requesting it.

What will I get in my fundraising kit?
An event booklet, a quiz, a 'landing' game (a simpler version of shove halfpenny), eight namecards, a donations collection envelope and a reply envelope to return the money you raise.

I need to cancel my lunch. Can I return my pack to you/ what do I need to do?
Please do not return your pack. You can either hold onto it for another time, offer it to a friend to use or recycle it.

Paying in and donations

How do I send you my money?
Send in the donation form and your payment details using the form and envelope enclosed in the fundraising kit.
Pay over the phone by calling 0300 770 1350 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm).

Can I donate the money I raise to another charity?
This event is managed by the RAF Benevolent Fund to raise money for the Fund, so please send all money raised to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Can I take the money donated by my guests to pay for the food?
We would encourage you to choose a meal which is affordable, or invite your guests to bring one of the courses, so that all of the money raised can be donated direct to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Prize draws

What prizes can I win?
You can win Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds cookery book by submitting a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which sums up your event. The best photo will win the book. The photos will be judged by the GBSL team at the RAF Benevolent Fund. Please use #GBSL17.

Pay in your money by 30 April and you will be in with a chance of winning a luxury hamper from Rodda's, the Cornish clotted cream company.

Social media

I want to share my photos on social media. Is there a hash tag?
Yes, you can use #GBSL17.

Get in touch

Can't find the answer you're looking for?
Email and we'll get back to you.