Fundraising tips

Apart from being a fun day with your family and friends, your Great British Sunday Lunch is a lovely way to raise money to support members of the RAF Family in need.

You'll find simple ideas and games in your fundraising pack, as well as the stories of some of the people your money will help. Or, you could be inspired by these other ideas — and no doubt you'll have your own.

Somewhere safe

What donation will you be asking for?
It's a good idea to tell people this when you're inviting them, so they know what to expect. It's entirely up to you what you ask. It could be £10 a head, £25 a couple, or leave it up to your guests.

In your fundraising pack
You can use the quirky ideas and games in your kit to raise even more money on the day by asking your guests to pay to take part.

Got lots of people coming?
Put together a raffle and encourage your guests to buy a few tickets. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or some vouchers, the winner is bound to walk away happy!

Come dine with me?
Suggest a group of you take it in turns to host a lunch and add a generous dollop of competition by scoring everyone (based on the food!).

Charge people for extra servings!
There's bound to be someone who'll want more of your delicious cooking.
Washing up duty.
Ask people to bid on avoiding doing the washing up. The lowest two bidders get the washing up gloves and tea towel…

Having wine with your lunch?  
Just cover up the labels on the bottles (you can soak them off before opening the bottle) and then ask everyone to pay a pound to guess what the wine is. The winner can have an extra glass!

Guess the weight of the cake
Why not ask a friend to bake a cake and have a ‘guess the weight’ competition? You could charge per guess then auction the cake at the end.