Gary Pammenter

Former RAF Corporal Gary Pammenter left his career in the RAF to care for his son Jamie, who was born with the rare muscle-wasting disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which will also limit his life expectancy.

The Pammenter family 300

Gary and his wife Dawn always knew life would be tough for 13-year-old Jamie so when they needed a little extra support they turned to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Jamie was diagnosed when he was three years old and has needed more and more support as his condition has progressed.  

When things got tight and the family could not afford to make the adaptations Jamie's condition demanded, the RAF Benevolent Fund bought a bungalow for the family to live in and recently redesigned the garden to make it more accessible for Jamie's wheelchair.

Jamie attends mainstream secondary school and the Fund also provided a £15,000 grant towards the cost of a new electric wheelchair that will make his life much easier.  

"Without the Fund we would really have struggled"

Gary said: "Without the Fund being there from day one we would have really struggled. The property that we lived in was not suitable for Jamie and his condition. And knowing that the Fund were a phone call away literally made such a big difference to us.

"It is a cliché but it felt like a weight was lifted off our shoulders, that we would not have to worry about a property.

"We know people with children with the same condition as Jamie and we see how much they have had to struggle and battle through things because they have not had that support, that blanket from the Fund."