James Faulkner

In 2004 former RAF policeman James Faulkner received the devastating news that he had an inoperable brain tumour, which will limit his life.

James Faulkner RT

Unable to continue in the career he loved, James, who was only 35 at the time, was medically discharged from the RAF in 2007 and, having lived on an RAF station, found he was homeless. That’s where the RAF Benevolent Fund stepped in, providing a home through its Housing Trust, where James now lives with his wife Sarah, who is currently serving in the RAF, and their three year old daughter, Eliza.

"The Fund provided for our family when times were tough"

James said: "The RAF Benevolent Fund has provided a home for our family and financial assistance when times were tough. When I was being treated at Sheffield Hospital, the long trips took their toll on Sarah but the Fund helped to pay for hotel accommodation ensuring we could be together as a family."

We helped James pursue his new career

James has since forged a successful career as a ceramist and, again, thanks to the generous donations we receive, we have been able to provide him with equipment to continue with his new career.

James is fully aware of how uncertain the future is." I don't know exactly how things will go from here," he says. "My children are going to lose me when they are too young. I wish I could change that.

"But it is a rather wonderful feeling to know that the warm hand of the RAF family is always on my shoulder, and as things change for us, the RAF Benevolent Fund will be there for my family in the years to come."

You can help people like James

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