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We understand that the cost of a funeral or burial can be very high, and it is often the last thing that you want to think about during such a traumatic time.


If you are the partner or close relative of the deceased and are responsible for arranging the funeral, you may be entitled to assistance from the government in the form of a Funeral Payment.

To qualify, the person arranging the funeral should be on a low income and / or in receipt of a means tested benefit or tax credits.

If the deceased was in receipt of a war pension and their death was caused or hastened by an injury that they incurred while serving, then you may be able to make a claim for funeral costs through Veterans UK.

There are quite complex rules regarding who is eligible for this and claims must be made within three months of the funeral taking place. We can help you with your claim, see our advice and advocacy page for more information.

If you are planning a funeral for someone who served in the RAF and you would like to honour the person's service as part of the funeral, the RAF Association provides information on how to go about this.

Support with bereavement

Cruse Bereavement Care is a charity which offers free support to help people cope with the death of someone close to them. If someone you know has died and you need to talk, they offer telephone, face-to-face and group support which is delivered by trained bereavement support volunteers.

Cruse can provide information and support to military families following bereavement, including practical information, dealing with the media and what support the bereaved can expect from the Armed Forces and others following a death in Service.

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