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We Can Relate

Our partnership with Relate provides RAF veterans, serving personnel and their dependent family members access to free relationship support.

Whether you are married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our service can help.

We can help you work things out

Watch the video below and read more information on the Fund's relationship support services in partnership with Relate. If you'd like a member of their team to contact you, you can get in touch  by calling 01302 347 476. Please quote 'Relate19' as your reference.


We pay for up to six counselling sessions, or more if the issue is of a psychosexual nature. We also offer subsidised mediation and family counselling.

Everything you say to a Relate consultant or counsellor will remain confidential.

Whatever relationship difficulties you are going through, we can relate – and many others do to.

Share your stories with us on Twitter! Please tag us @rafbf and use the campaign's hashtag.


"Don't hide from the problem – ask for help"

Caroline and Sam share how Relate had a positive impact on their relationship. Like many couples in today's age, they had children to consider from previous relationships and reached out to us for some counselling sessions when they felt new pressures arise from moving in together, closer to Sam's RAF station.


The RAF Benevolent Fund offers a range of services to former and current members of the RAF, their partners and dependent children (under 18).

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