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An interactive webinar for female junior ranks in the RAF

Exploring Work-Life Balance in the Military

Serving RAF personnel

This webinar will take place 11 October 2023 (7pm-8:30pm).

Work-life balance isn’t a one-size fits all. The more you understand what an optimal work-life balance looks like for you personally, the better you can develop tools, techniques and (most importantly) a mindset that enables you to balance all areas of your life for maximum wellbeing, effectiveness, and productivity.

In this 90-minute interactive webinar with Angharad Boyson, you will:
•    Understand how to think about work-life balance in a way that works for you.
•    Learn tools to monitor and create balance.
•    Discuss strategies to have fruitful conversations about work-life balance with others, including your line manager and your family.

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