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The Easy Trip by Bill Knaggs

Easy TripThere was a shudder and a rasping noise throughout the Lancaster as we were raked from nose to tail by cannon fire from a night-fighter.

It was obvious that we were in a desperate state; both port and starboard inner engines had caught fire, warm liquid flowed down my face, hydraulic fluid from the shattered front turret above my head.

Within seconds Stan gave the orders no bomber crew hoped to hear. His actual words were, "We've had it boys bale out".

And so started Bill Knaggs's time as an RAF evader in Occupied France during 1944.

Published by: Perth and Kinross Council

Price: £6.95p plus £1.50p P&P
ISBN: 0 905452 34 8

To purchase: send cheque or postal order to: W.R. Knaggs, TSAVO, 2 James Place, Perthshire PH1 4PD

0800 169 2942

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