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Flight Home

Flight Home by Vivien Gilliard takes the reader from the late 19th century England to the end of the Second World War.

Flight Home

The story of John Philip (JP) Gilliard is based on the life of an RAF pilot, (later) Squadron Leader who fought in Africa, D-Day and the battle of Arnhem (Market Garden) in 1944.

A parallel story of Emily, who lived through the Blitz in London while at the BBC, then became a WREN, and who was then involved in the development of radar where she met JP at Defford.

JP's father, Lionel, served in WWI. He suffered the effects of poison gas thus JP grew up without his father.

The intimate hidden letters found by the author, and reproduced in this book give the reader a deeper insight into the lives of both JP and Emily's family.

You can purchase the book from Amazon.

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