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Ghosts of Biggin Hill by Bob Ogley

Ghosts of Biggin HillWhen the RAF quit Biggin Hill in the early 1990s, they left behind sprawling blocks of anonymous-looking buildings, a chapel which bears witness to the station's great engagements, memories of the greatest aerial combat the world has ever known and many, many ghosts.

The ghosts materialise frequently. They have appeared from within the redundant administration buildings and near the old runway. They have been seen running to and from the dispersal shelters.

They have been spotted, in full flying gear, walking the country lanes and they regularly mingle with the visitors to the Chapel of St George. On occasions, the evocative sound of a Merlin engine has filled the air.

The Ghosts of Biggin Hill is not just about the friendly spirits which inhabit the old fighter station.

It's also about the heroes and heroines and, by selecting a story here and a picture there from his superb archives, Bob Ogley has completed a splendid follow-up to his highly-acclaimed book Biggin on the Bump, the story of the most famous fighter station in the world.

Published by: Froglets Publications ISBN: 1-872337-41-4

Available from the publisher: Froglets Publications, Brasted Chart, Westerham, Kent  TN16 1LY. Email:

0800 169 2942

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