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Airplay youngsters take to the airwaves

In this guest blog, RAF Digby Airplay member Emily describes how they set up Airplay Radio during lockdown.

Airplay Didgby

During lockdown three our Airplay connect group at Digby came up with the idea of having an airplay radio station. We worked at the planning and came up with play lists, Digby news stories, weather briefs, the best and worst jokes, logos and jingles.

During our online time it was good as we could keep up to date with what was going on in the school and how people were getting on with home school, we could also interview each other about how we were feeling about going back to school and talk about tips for coping as things were changing. Some of us felt quite worried as we hadn’t seen anyone except out families since Christmas.

Over six weeks this idea we put forward to the airplay Digby project group and they thought that it would be fun to take it into the youth club when we returned to physical sessions. We asked if we could take over a corner of the club and set it up as a radio station with a karaoke machine. This was seen as a good idea as we could talk into the microphones and play music at the same time.

It was fun setting it up and making our logo into artwork for the background. We wrote out our playlists and took suggestions. We used it to interview the staff and then interview each other. It's fun playing music and it helps us relax. We don't even mind that we have given up the Xbox for a while! Who knows maybe one day we will go live or interview someone famous!

Emily Age 11

RAF Digby

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