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Award for tireless support

Every year the RAF Benevolent Fund makes an award to recognise an outstanding supporter. This year the RAFBF Poignard was awarded to Damian Pinel from RAF Community Support.

Damian Pinel and Dame Mary Peters

Damian Pinel is the RAF's Chief Community Development Advisor. He has been instrumental in developing and delivering all aspects of the RAF Benevolent Fund's Airplay programme, the Fund's £23 million investment in the younger members of the serving RAF family. 

Damian has taken a strong lead in developing an appropriate strategy to determine where the need for additional facilities is highest, and provided our programme board and trustees with excellent advice.

He has also advised on the location of new child care centres and extensions, and been instrumental in bringing about a much higher level of support and governance in the management of all child care centres across the RAF.

In both aspects, he has been vital in getting the approved work delivered in good time, while dealing proactively with any issues that arise.

Damian has also been tireless in developing a vision and then supporting the implementation of the Fund’s youth support work with our partner charity, 4Children.

Damian’s contribution to the Airplay programme has been outstanding. He has used his experience to excellent effect and really helped to bring the Airplay programme to life, in every respect.

In so doing, he has supported the RAF Benevolent Fund’s aim to improve the quality of life for the serving RAF, to relieve stress on the home base in order to reduce stress on the front line, and to ensure that the RAF Benevolent Fund remains at the very heart of the RAF family. He is a very deserving winner of a Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Poignard. 

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