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Battle of Britain campaign wins award

Last year, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the RAF Benevolent Fund ran an online campaign called the 1940 Chronicle. We're really pleased to let you know that the 1940 Chronicle has won an award – the PR Week award for best in digital and social media.

1940 Chronicle

The 1940 Chronicle took the form of an online newspaper, and tells the story of the Battle of Britain as it unfolded, combined with video footage and photography. The campaign was also brought alive by five blogs from fictional characters recounting their experiences of the Battle.

These characters included a Hurricane pilot, a radar operator, an aircraft technician, a nurse and a journalist. Their personal accounts of the Battle unfold against the backdrop of the war through a series of blogs in the form of diary entries, from 21 June to 19 September 1940.

These blogs were meticulously researched to ensure historical accuracy and written by author Kevin Telfer. The campaign was then promoted on social media, and received fantastic support.

The reason we ran this campaign was to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by the RAF and the nation to a new generation and to create an online memorial to the Battle of Britain. So we're very proud that the 1940 Chronicle has received the recognition of the PR Week award.

As always we couldn't have done it without your support – thank you!

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