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Battle of Britain Sunday

Geoffrey Wellum DFCLast Sunday, 15 September, some of the few surviving veterans of the Battle of Britain gathered at Westminster Abbey for the annual service to remember the courage and sacrifice of The Few.

The collection from the service was divided between the RAF Benevolent Fund and our sister charity, RAFA.

Geoffrey Wellum DFC, veteran of the Battle of Britain and author of First Light, talked afterwards about the importance of remembrance and his admiration for fellow aircrew in Bomber Command.

This was the first opportunity for many of the veterans to see the Bomber Command Memorial themselves.  

Geoffrey said of the Bomber Command boys: 

At least I had a small aeroplane, I could chuck it around, it had eight guns and I could make a nuisance of myself.  But not them: straight and level on a bombing run through Berlin.  Not for me.  They're the brave boys and I pay them a very heartfelt tribute.

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