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The best gifts we have given this year – Part 2

Staff at Princess Marina House, our care and respite centre on the south coast, tell us about the best gifts they've given RAF veterans staying with them. Just a few days away by the seaside with the support of our dedicated staff makes a huge difference to the guests.

Princess Marina House

Staff were delighted to be able to help one couple celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. The couple kept this fact to themselves and staff only uncovered their secret when they opened their card from the HM The Queen at lunchtime. Mrs G who is in a wheelchair, living with very debilitating arthritis, said there is no other place in the world they would rather celebrate. Once their anniversary was discovered by our staff, the Catering Manager cycled to the village to pick up a celebratory balloon and card and champagne. Fortunately, the Princess Marina House's driver spotted her in the village, so she did not have to cycle back with them! Mr and Mrs G were delighted when the staff presented them with these gifts which made their happy day even happier.

Respite at Home clients were invited to Princess Marina House with the Respite at Home staff to enjoy a Christmas lunch. Those attending declared they'd had "the best day of the year". They were spoilt with presents and Christmas lunch and afternoon entertainment.

One couple staying in one of the seaside cottages with their grandson were thrilled to be able to help their son into the sea using his beach wheelchair. His grandfather said they were having a really lovely time and the facilities were really good. They have stayed in other places that claim to be disabled friendly but really they aren't. 

One guest arrived at the house for the 39th year in a row and hopes to enjoy his 40th year next year!

Other highlights have included a trip to Wimbledon and a trip to the circus.

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