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Cranwell Youth Club by the Inters group

For this blog we wanted to look at the last month of August, as we have only just started back after summer. We wanted to write about the 'back to secondary school day', and how much it helped us.

We realised at the session we all had the same fears: being bullied, the school bus, being late, making new friends or getting lost and homework. It was nice to all talk about it together, even though we are all going to different schools because it showed us that everyone who starts year 7 feels the same.

We went through each of our worries, talking about why we feel worried about it and what we can do to help. Some of the things we came up with during the session were:

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How do we make new friends?

  • Talk about hobbies
  • Smiling at people
  • Being kind and caring
  • Ask to start 'group chats' on WhatsApp
  • Talking about where you live, what bus you take
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How can we be more organised, so we don't forget things?

  • Pack our school bag the night before
  • Do homework the day you get it
  • Set an alarm in the morning so we have plenty time to get ready
  • Keep bus pass and keys together
  • Lay out uniform night before
  • get in a sleep routine
  • Time walking to the bus-stop, so you know how long it takes

By the end of the session we all agreed we felt a lot happier and more confident about starting secondary school. We have now been at secondary school nearly two weeks and we have all noticed that we have put things we learnt in to practice.

We have also made new friends, and although we got lost in the first week the teachers understood and weren't as scary as we thought! It was great so thank you for teaching us all about starting secondary school.

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