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Cupid had to shoot more than once for this RAF couple!

Sally McGlone and her husband met several times before Cupid struck. Here she tells their love story...

Sally Barber's grandmother on her wedding daySally's grandmother on her wedding day


I first met my husband in 1999 at RAFC Cranwell when I was Station Adjutant at RAF Digby and he was a cadet on Initial Officer Training. We said hello and thank you, as he held the door of the swimming pool open for me. I used to go swimming every morning before work.

Then I met him again in 2001, in the mess at RAF Boscombe Down and although I only chatted to him briefly, I knew I recognised him and he denied it. So I thought he was a bit arrogant, obviously a few years younger than me, he reminded me of my younger brother’s attitude so I thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward to 2012, I was in my resettlement period at RAF Leeming before I retired the following year. My husband to be had come over from RAF Spadeadam for some training and I had my dog Charlie with me. Charlie dislikes men and he ran up to him and started being really silly (so I knew he must be OK as Charlie liked him). I could vaguely remember meeting him previously, but couldn't recall where. So I asked him what he did, I thought he was RAF Regiment.

He said 'fast pointy things' and I said 'oh, Admin (Sec)' someone who knew him laughed and said 'no, GR4s'. So after my initial embarrassment, that was it.

He proposed to me on 10 November, 2014, right at the end of my completing a six-month charity challenge living on Second World War rations. He had been away with work so I was able to do the challenge and raised £1,800 for charity.

We were married in Markenfield Hall the following year and I wore a dress that was a copy of my grandmother's wedding dress from 1943. I also had a poppy on my coat and my grandmother's Royal Signals breast badge woven into my flowers.

I'm currently studying for an MA in Military History at the University of Wolverhampton and am involved in fundraising for the Fund.

I live at RAF Marham and enjoy walking the dogs, visiting all the old Second World War and USAF bases in Norfolk/Suffolk and sharing individual stories of people, sent to me by their relatives on Twitter.

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