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The fight for air supremacy

Germany's underestimation of the strength of the RAF's fleet of fighter planes proved to be key in fight for air supremacy during the Second World War. Thinking the RAF were on their last legs, the Luftwaffe arrived in numbers on 15 September only to be fought back, again and again.

A battle in Britain skies

During the Battle of Britain, Lord Beaverbrook, the Minister of Aircraft Production, praised the men and women behind the constant supply of new aircraft to 'The Few' who flew them so bravely.

In one such statement he declared Britain had more planes than ever before. He said: "Many are they that rise against us. But the men and women of the aircraft industry of Britain answer the challenge.

"These brave defenders of the liberties of Britain, ignoring air raids and indifferent to enemy attacks, have provided for the RAF in the last week more fighters and more bombers than ever before in the history of aviation.

"Supported by the alloy workers in steel and aluminum, by the drop stampers and the forgers, and by all those who labour in the fabrication of their raw materials, they have given us a record week of production.

"The blessing of the nation is upon these people."

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