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Friends of the family

We recently had a visit from Sergeant Alex Ford, who you probably know as the RAF airman blogger. Alex wanted to find out a bit more about our work, so he spent a morning at one of our grants meetings.Each year we support over 60,000 people but it's the story of one individual we helped that made an impression on Alex.

A 76 year old former airman's house had been flooded and he was left with no furniture or carpets. The RAF Benevolent Fund stepped in to help with some furnishings and more importantly to give this proud veteran back his dignity.

As Alex says in his blog: "It broke my heart listening to his story and I just wanted to help him. He gave 10 years of his life to the RAF and I wanted him to be proud and happy again.

"I am proud and happy to be in the RAF and I wanted him to share that feeling one more time. Maybe not by putting on a blue uniform and a beret again, but by knowing that the RAF still cares about him, that people who support the RAF still care about him. That you and I care about him.

"He might live alone, but he is not without a family. The RAF family is there to help and support him, to make sure that he doesn’t fall through the gaps of the modern world, and he fades away, his service and his dedication forgotten."

Alex's point is spot on; the RAF Benevolent Fund is always on hand to help and support the RAF family – past, present and future.

You can read Alex's full post on his blog.

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