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The fun I had at Airplay

Louis Wicks-Randy, 13, shares his experience of being a member of our Airplay programme in this guest blog.

I'm Louis Wicks-Randy and I used to go to Airplay at RAF Lossiemouth. My dad has now been posted to RAF Waddington and we’ve bought our own house but there are no Airplay units near me and I miss it lots.

Airplay is a group designed to help children while their parents are away with the RAF.

Louis Wicks-Randy with his friends at AirplayAirplay helped me grow from a shy and ungainly person to a more mature, helpful and caring young man. I will highlight some of the adventures I had when I was a member of Airplay and how it helped me grow.

Airplay was started by the RAF Benevolent Fund three years ago and I went to the first ever session at RAF Lossiemouth as my dad was deployed with 14 Sqn.

Back then Airplay only ran one night every fortnight but soon lots of young people began to come and Airplay started to run four sessions a week.

They also do holiday activities and residentials which I used to love. They even had a drama club 'Overly Dramatic!'. When I was in it I did a Diamond Jubilee sketch where I got to narrate a speech to Prince Andrew about the 70 years the Queen had been on the throne. He was very impressed with all of us.

Visiting London

My best bit with Airplay Lossie was when I went to London with the group and visited the RAF Benevolent Fund's headquarters where we did a presentation to the staff on how Airplay has changed our lives. But the trip wasn’t all work work work, we had fun too.

We went to see the Changing of the Guards from inside the gates of Buckingham Palace, we visited the Houses of Parliament and asked our MP loads of awkward questions. We went and saw the musical Wicked which was wicked and we tried snails, tripe and chicken feet in Chinatown. It was very good fun.

Airplay has definitely changed me. It made me more confident, more aware and more willing to try anything. It made who I am today and I would recommend it to any kid who's parents are in the RAF and who are ready for adventure.

By Louis Wicks-Randy

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