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Fundraising in Lossie

At RAF Lossiemouth, an intrepid group of fundraisers have been working hard to support the RAF Benevolent Fund. They were recently winners of an RAFBF award in recognition of their dedication. They tell us more in this blog.

Team RAFBF Lossiemouth

Karen Cox:

"I first became aware of The RAF Benevolent Fund when my daughter started going to our local Airplay project. Pretty soon I was helping fundraise for the project but soon recognised that more was needed to raise awareness and funds for the charity directly and I wanted to get involved.  So, Team RAFBF Lossiemouth was set up in November 2012 and has been growing ever since.  We have already presented a £1,000 cheque from our direct fundraising and have been supporting others in their projects and ideas.  We have lots of plans for the future and the whole team is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about what we can do for the RAFBF."

Hannah Saunders:

"I support the RAF Benevolent Fund  because during my time here at Lossiemouth we unfortunately  lost some of our friends in an air accident. The support from the RAFBF made me realise they are not just for veterans, but are a fantastic lifeline for families going through immensely difficult situations. This inspired me to get involved and knowing that we could make a difference to people’s lives within the RAF family. It’s also great to give something back in a fun and creative way; the committee are fantastic and it's been an amazing journey to get this team off the ground to where it is today."

Bobby Keeling  on receiving their award:

"Receiving the award from the RAF Benevolent Fund was amazing. We enjoy what we do and love inspiring each other to do more so being appreciated and recognised was a wonderful thing to happen. The award ceremony itself was humbling, celebrating the generosity of inspirational people with great courage and insight into the difficulties faced by those in need of support."

Zee Fletcher on visiting London for the award:

"Visiting London was one of the best experiences of my life. Surrounded  by others who have given so much not only by raising money but meeting the veterans at the RAF Club made the experience just that bit more special."

Debbie Tulip on visiting the Bomber Command Memorial:

"One of the highlights of my trip to London was being able to visit the Bomber Command Memorial. It is a truly inspiring place and the detail on the statues is amazing, while you stand there next to them you almost expect to hear the drone of returning aircraft. I found the little notes there as well very emotional; one of them was about an airman who had had a wife for seven whole days before he went off. It was heartbreaking."

Sally Gale on the RAF Benevolent Fund:

"Team RAFBF Lossiemouth evolved to support individuals or groups in vital fundraising activities, to act as an information point and to raise awareness of the charity and the excellent work it does. The RAFBF spend around £20 million each year supporting the whole RAF family and relies solely upon charitable donations to do so. Team RAFBF Lossiemouth is proud to support the RAF Benevolent Fund."

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