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The Great Escape

  • Squadron Leader Roger Bushell
    Remembering the men of The Great Escape

    Today we remember the 50 men who were murdered by the Gestapo after escaping from Stalag Luft III in The Great Escape.

  • "We will remember them"

    Author and historian Steve Darlow today joined air force veterans at Stalag Luft III, Zagan, Poland to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Great Escape. 

  • Charles Clarke
    "Everyone used to say you'll be home for Christmas, but no one said which Christmas"

    Of the 76 men who escaped from Stalag Luft III, three managed to reach safety, 50 were shot, 17 were returned to Sagan, four were sent to Sachsenhausen and two were sent to Colditz Castle. In this blog, former PoW Charles Clarke tell us about finally being released from the camp.

  • Jack Lyon
    "The game is up"

    As the PoWs began to escape through the tunnel on the night of 24 March 1944, it was a long wait for Jack Lyon as he stood in the queue in Hut 104. In this blog, Jack tells us about that historic night and the eventual discovery of the tunnel by the guards.

  • "Without the film, who'd remember the 50 who were murdered?"

    Of the 76 who escaped from Stalag Luft III, 50 were handed over to the Gestapo and shot dead. In this blog, former PoW Charles Clarke tells us how The Great Escape film has helped ensure that these men are never forgotten.

  • "The trouble with prison life is that we were all very young people. It seemed an age for us"

    Former PoW Charles Clarke tells us what life was like for the prisoners at Stalag Luft III.

  • "The plan was for 200 men to get out"

    Former Flight Lieutenant Jack Lyon explains how the PoWs at Stalag Luft III were split into three groups as they carefully planned their escape.

  • "I came down in snowdrifts"

    Former Flight Lieutenant Charles Clarke was imprisoned in Stalag Luft III after being captured on enemy territory. In this blog, Charles tells us about his capture.

  • "Something's afoot!"

    Former Flight Lieutenant Jack Lyon, 96, was 25 when he entered Stalag Luft III's north compound. He became involved in the escape after being moved from the east to the north compound but, he says, escape information was strictly on a 'need to know' basis and he had no idea how truly audacious the plan was.

  • "Big X – one of the greatest of his generation"

    The mastermind of The Great Escape was Squadron Leader Roger Bushell. Described by his Commanding Officer as ‘one of the greatest of his generation’, Bushell was born and brought up in South Africa but went to school in England, studied law at Cambridge and became a London barrister.

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