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Helping Georgia's hearing

School donationWe're not just there for RAF personnel, we support their children and families as well. Georgia, the daughter of a squadron leader at RAF Odiham, is profoundly deaf, so we stepped in to help. Paul Hewson, our Regional Director, tells us more.

Georgia Cullen (daughter of Squadron Leader Steve and Christina Cullen) contracted pneumococcal meningitis at the age of 15 months, leaving her profoundly deaf. 

This meant that Georgia couldn't participate in assemblies or group activities at school.

So the RAF Benevolent Fund donated £1,800 to purchase a sound-field system for the main school hall and one of its classrooms.

The system helps address extremely poor acoustics throughout the school, essentially creating a surround sound effect of the person speaking.

Now the sound-field system greatly improves her understanding of anything said in the hall and in the classroom.

In fact, teaching staff have found that all children benefit – levels of concentration have increased and a general feeling of all round inclusion has been noted.

I am really delighted to see the difference this donation is already making, and especially pleased to meet Georgia in person.

This grant is a great example of how the RAF Benevolent Fund is there for the whole RAF family – not only the serving and former RAF personnel who serve their country with such dedication, but their children and dependants too.

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