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"I will go home refreshed, recharged and regenerated"

As a single mum looking after four boys, time to herself is precious and that's what inspired RAF veteran Diane Waddilove to join one of the Fund's group wellbeing breaks.

The breaks are part of the National Wellbeing Breaks Service launched to help combat loneliness and isolation in RAF veterans - a need identified by recent research carried out by the Fund.

Group Picture National Wellbeing Breaks

RAF veterans and their dependants are eligible to take a "welfare break" and enjoy some time away.

Diane explained: "Coming on this break was a very difficult decision to make. I have personal problems with anxiety and I drove three and a half hours to get here and I drove past the venue for another hour before I could turn round. It was either go home or take the opportunity!

"It is a respite for me because of the problems I've got at home with my sons' illness."

Two more group breaks, for individuals and couples, are scheduled to take place this year at Crieff Hydro in Perthshire and TLH Leisure Resort in Torquay.

Diane, a former RAF steward, added: "I feel now I am going to go home refreshed, regenerated and my batteries have been recharged. I feel now that I am going to be able to cope a lot better.

"For me it has been the most amazing thing and I cannot thank the RAF Benevolent Fund enough. It's just amazing."

Find out more about the Fund's National Wellbeing Breaks Service here.

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