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Life as an RAF mum

Flight Lieutenant Janet Logan serves in the RAF at Lossiemouth and is proud mum to three children. In this blog for Mother's Day, Janet tells us about life as an RAF mum.

Janet at the childcare centre at Lossiemouth

I have been a mother for the majority of my RAF career. When you have a job that demands 'Service first', balancing my career with being a mother to three wonderful children can be a huge challenge!

I am always on the go and feel like I have a constant double shift with home life fitting in the gaps between work as I attempt to achieve a realistic work life balance.

Simple things like duty for orderly officer or attending a training course require advance planning. I have been lucky to have been stationed with my partner for the past two years, but Andrew has been recently posted to HQ Air Command.

This means we are now a 1,000 mile round journey apart. If it was a challenge juggling the kids and the job when Dad was here, it is going to be tougher now. He only left last week but the children miss him already and whilst the house is a lot tidier without his mess and laundry, he did have some uses and would occasionally cook, sometimes hoover and he would always do the ironing!

We are very fortunate though to have secured places for all three children at the RAF Benevolent Fund funded childcare centre at RAF Lossiemouth. It is an absolute lifeline to working parents like me. The care provided by the team is excellent and I can go to work safe in the knowledge that our children will be well looked after and worn out by the end of the day!

Thanks to the RAF Benevolent Fund, the facility we have is open, airy, well equipped. It is run by managers who have partners in the RAF so they understand the pressures upon the Service family.

I have worked on RAF stations with no supported childcare and the difference is amazing not to mention, significantly cheaper. I don’t think I could have continued my RAF career without access to affordable and quality childcare. Mothers’ Day this year will be very strange with Andrew away but I am sure my eldest son will treat me to breakfast in bed.

There will be the usual selection of hand-made gifts and cards, proudly presented. I would like to say that it will be a lovely quiet day, but with the cousins threatening to visit this weekend, it will just be another day of managed chaos in our house. I would not have it any other way!

Janet Logan

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