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Linda Meredith embarks on a walk to remember in honour of late RAF dad

Supporter Linda Meredith has laced up her walking shoes and is on route to Lincolnshire from London in honour of her late RAF father.

After setting off from the Bomber Command Memorial in the heart of London on 29 July, Linda is now approaching the half-way point of the 130-mile journey that she's undertaking by foot to raise money.

Linda Meredith

She will end next week, 11 days after her departure, at the International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) in Lincolnshire.

Her goal is to fundraise for both the IBCC and the Bomber Command Memorial, the latter of which is maintained by the RAF Benevolent Fund. The memorial costs approximately £35,000 per year to maintain and was unveiled five years ago this month.

The Bomber Command was one of the deadliest groups in World War Two history; Of the 125,000 men who flew in Bomber Command, 55,573 of them perished – almost twice as many as the size of the Royal Air Force today.

Meredith, whose father served in the Bomber Command, explains why she's undertaking the feat: "My father, William White, was a rear gunner on Wellington bombers. He was shot down on just his second op and three of his crewmates lost their lives in the crash. My father and two others survived and were taken POW. It is because of my father's service that I became involved in fundraising activities for the Memorial and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

"The RAF Benevolent Fund, Bomber Command Memorial and the IBCC mean a great deal to me. I know how proud my father was to be a part of Bomber Command and my family are immensely proud of him. I wanted a way to help these worthy causes."

To donate to Linda's walk, visit her Virgin Money Giving page.

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