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"Mum was always there for me"

For RAF Corporal Andy Carroll this Mother’s Day will be a chance to sit quietly and remember his mum, Louise, and all she did for him. Sadly, this will be the second year he is without her, after she passed away in January last year. In this guest blog, Andy shares his memories of a wonderful mum.

Mother's Day: Andy and Louise


I haven’t really been at home since I was 19, heading off to university and eventually joining the RAF, but I always made sure I spoiled mum on Mother’s Day. On the years I couldn’t make it home, I’d send flowers and a card so she knew I was thinking of her.

The first Mother’s Day without her we kept busy, my family were re-locating after selling the family home so we just got on with what needed to be done. However, we made sure to pause and remember her on her birthday.

We took a picnic and some champagne to Coombe Hill near RAF Halton where I’m stationed, and toasted her looking out on the countryside.

Mum always told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I get on with my dad but it was always Mum I would talk to. She was the person I contacted if I needed a chat and a moan, she would never judge me.

When Mum fell ill, initially I felt quite isolated because I was not at home. The RAF Benevolent Fund helped to change that and took all the stress away by paying for my trips home. It was a relief that I was able to go home and spend some quality time with my mum before I lost her.

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