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My fundraising head shave raised over £650 for Airplay

Last week 16-year-old Alice Cunningham had her hair shaved off to raise money for our Airplay programme at RAF Lossiemouth. Here Alice tells us how her fundraising challenge went.

Thursday 16 January was the day of my head shave. I'd kept myself busy throughout the day despite being on study leave. I went to pick up my best friend from school on my way to Airplay. She was coming along to lend me moral support. We then met up with my mum and dad. I was so pleased that my dad was still home on R'n'R and could come and watch my head shave.

Alice CunninghamSarah (the Lossiemouth Community Development Officer) introduced me to the Deputy Station Commander of RAF Lossiemouth. I was also introduced to Donna, the station barber, who was going to help my mum shave my hair off.

At 7pm people began to arrive. I was happy that some of my friends had come along and I got the chance to have my photo taken with other Airplay members before the shave.

Donna split my hair into four sections to get the most hair possible for the donation to the Little Princess Trust who are a charity that make wigs for children with cancer.

Then Sarah got the audience to count down from 10. I thought to myself 'this is it – be brave – I can do this'. When I felt the razor on my head, I felt goose bumps all over my body.

It wasn't too long before mum finished the first section and then handed over to Donna to finish the rest of my head. The first thing I noticed when Donna had finished was how cold it is without hair. It was a good job that I'd taken a hat along. I'd also been given an RAF Lossiemouth hat from Sarah and Karen (Airplay Youth Worker), so I wouldn’t be cold walking home.

They also gave me a T-shirt to change into as my own was covered in hair. I couldn't wait to get home to show my little sister my new hairstyle. She kept stroking my head, saying it was softer than my dad's. He'd just had his cut that afternoon in readiness for going back to Afghanistan. Mum said I had more hair when I was born than I do now! 

When I went into school the next day most of my friends were shocked. It was funny because I'd never seen them so speechless. Most of the teachers didn’t recognise me at first until I started to speak.

I'm really proud of myself for doing the challenge. I would like to thank Karen and Sarah for hosting the event and everyone who has supported me and generously made donations. So far I have raised in the region of £650. 

By Alice Cunningham

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