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Our family's special Christmas

Keeley and ElliotCorporal Jason Bunker is just one of many RAF personnel who'll be spending Christmas away from their families. In this guest blog, his children Keeley and Elliot tell us how they've split Christmas into parts so that they don't miss out on getting to spend Christmas with their dad.

Our dad works at RAF Lossiemouth. He is a driving instructor, teaching people how to drive lots of different vehicles. He has been away lots of times, but it doesn't get any easier.

It is the first time Dad’s been away for Christmas. He left eight weeks ago and we miss him every day.  

Before Dad left we had Christmas Part 1 with a roast dinner, crackers and presents from Mum and Dad.

On Christmas Day we'll have Christmas Part 2 which will be at Nanna and Grandad's house. 

When Dad comes home we're having Christmas Part 3 with Christmas dinner, Dad's birthday cake for pudding, crackers, sparklers and Santa has said he'll wait until Dad gets home to bring us our presents so Dad can see us open them.

We sent Dad a box with a Christmas T-shirt, decorations, cards, stockings and sweets. We even found a tree he could build from sweets, but before he left we hid his advent calendar in his kit bag with some Christmas presents for him to open on Christmas Day.  

Dad is working over Christmas but we are looking forward to seeing him on Skype and showing him what we presents we got.

Merry Christmas everyone.

By Keeley and Elliot Bunker

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