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A pie that does good work

Those fine people at COOK have created a steak and Spitfire Ale pie that's on sale to support the RAF Benevolent Fund. We asked one hungry airman to try it out. Sergeant Alex Ford, the RAF airman blogger, tucks in...

People who know me, know I like my food. I am not scared of pizza, I love a good KFC and have a rather strange attachment to mash potato (that I'd rather not go into right's probably some sort of Freudian nightmare!).

Steak and Spitfire Ale PieAnd never one to turn down real food, I jumped at the offer from the RAF Benevolent Fund to try a pie. And what a pie. Not just a pie. Not any pie, but one of the new steak and Spitfire Ale pies from COOK!

Again, people who know me, know I like Spitfire Ale. Well, like is not the word. I love it. Despite hailing from Staffordshire, just a few miles from the Marston's Brewery in Burton, my favourite beer in the whole world is the lovely, evocative, tastier than Kylie's bum in hotpants, Spitfire Ale by Shepherd Neame brewery.

I've never really been a big fan of alcohol IN food (I prefer my booze WITH food), but I was really keen to try something that brought two of my favourite things together.

Steak. Spitfire Ale.

And the lovely people at COOK have put together a pie with two things; some hearty chunks of lean steak and a lot of Spitfire Ale. Some big meaty mushrooms. And a fantastic rich gravy. And a lovely bit of short pastry, with a little pastry Spitfire on the top. 

You order it from the COOK website already frozen. When you need it you can get it out of your freezer, pop into the oven and 45 minutes of gentle slow cooking later you have a delicious main meal that brings a bit of luxury to your Tuesday evening teatime (well it was MY Tuesday evening teatime, you can have it any day I guess).

Steak and Spitfire Ale PieBig enough to provide a meal for me, Mrs F and three year old little F, with a bit of mashed spud, some carrots and some steamed broccoli, our tea was smashing. Splendid.

Each one of us munched it down without many words being said at the table.

In the cooking, all was good: 45 minutes was enough to build up an appetite (and sink a bottle of Spitfire from the cupboard to make up for a long day) and to savour the smells and the aroma from the oven. It gave enough time to add some veggies.

The tasting was to relish the flavours. The satisfaction was knowing that the meal was easy, full of quality ingredients, well prepared AND a generous donation was made by COOK to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Yes. That's right, this pie also does good work. This pie goes a long way to prove that food is often not only for the body. Food sometimes is about more than just sustenance.

Not only does this steak and Spitfire pie taste like a little bit of pie heaven down here on earth, it also goes to providing money for the good work of the RAF Benevolent Fund. 

I've seen firsthand what fantastic things the Fund brings to those in the family of the wider RAF who have hit difficult times, and to have a hearty meal, be satisfied AND morally chuffed that you've helped a great cause really does aid the digestion.

And will I be having more of these pies? You are damned right I will be. It takes a big man to say that something is tastier than Kylie's bum, but this steak and Spitfire Ale pie from COOK certainly does...

By Alex Ford

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