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RAF Cosford hosts AIRFEST 2019

Adele and Izzy's Story

Adele – Hey there, I'm Adele and our blog is about AIRFEST. My Family is based in RAF Cosford, We have travelled around a bit, and been based here before. This year Cosford was the host base for AIRFEST 2019. We camped by the noisiest generator and that is where I met Izzy.

Izzy and Adele Airfest 2019

Izzy – Hey there I'm Izzy, my family moved from Henlow to Cosford at the beginning of the summer holidays, I went to AIRFEST and I camped with my group from Henlow.

Izzy and Adele – There were quite a few Airplay Clubs at AIRFEST, in fact we think there was 19. Since there were numerous Airplay groups everyone mingled and talked to each other. Victoria, Our Station Youth Worker from Cosford introduced us to each other. After that we were inseparable for the rest weekend.

At AIRFEST we discovered that Dodgems are very fun but caused us to have bruises! There was an ice cream Van, so we had free ice cream (which is 10 times better than paying for it!) We had hairstyles done by professional hairdressers, had our face painted and had henna tattoos on our arms, there was Laser Tag and so much more, It was so much fun.

In the evening there was even live music, there was tribute acts from Little Mix, Queen, Ed Sheeran and loads more. We also did some singing and dancing, we played games and did craft together.

When we went back to school in September, we found out that not only were we in the same school, but we are the same classes as each other. We are best friends for the rest of our lives, and we always hang out and go to Youth Club together, we see each other every day, We LOVE Airplay.

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