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Remembering the crew of the Shackleton WR965

Plaque in memory to the crew who lost their lives in the Shackleton WR965 air disasterThe RAF Benevolent Fund's Bob Kemp recently visited the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides where he laid a wreath in memory of the RAF personnel who lost their lives in an air disaster in 1990. Bob tells us more in this guest blog.

I'm no stranger to the Hebrides as I flew Buccaneers from RAF Stornoway in the early seventies. It was a deeply moving moment visiting the crash site of the Shackleton WR965 on the Isle of Harris.

The aircraft crashed on 30 April 1990 when it hit the top of the hill on the southern side of the island killing the entire crew. 

I'd worked with some of the people who'd lost their lives and I wanted to place a RAF Benevolent Fund wreath at the crash site as part of the charity's Remembrance activities.

I was accompanied to the site by Mr John Macdonald, the chairman of the RAFA branch in Stornoway. John had been the local fire chief in 1990 and he was one of the first at the scene.

When he'd got to the crash site with his team, it was clear that the aircraft had struck very close to the top of the summit and there was nothing they could do to save any of the crew.

At the crash site is a bronze plaque which is built into a granite cairn with the names of the crew and the cairn is surmounted with a part of the stricken Shackleton. It is a very fitting tribute to those who lost their lives. 

By Group Captain Bob Kemp, RAF Benevolent Fund

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