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Rockin at RAF Scampton

We're here for the whole RAF family, and one of our projects, Airplay, supports young people growing up on RAF stations. One Airplay project is encouraging musical talent. 18 year old, Ryan, tells us more.

We decided to start the band 'Brain Dead' at RAF Scampton. None of us knew how to play an instrument but with a great teacher, we were on the stage six weeks later, performing a great song at a local fundraiser.

Airplay at RAF Scampton

We managed to raise a grand total of £106. We had a very memorable night with a great performance from 'Waiting for Dave' and a rocking rendition of 'Teachers pet' from the School of Rock. 

Airplay Scampton are very grateful to everyone who came and helped and I can speak for all when I say we are very excited for our next couple of fund-raising schemes. 

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