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School kids celebrate Red, White and Blue Day to honour the Armed Forces

Red, White and Blue was the order of the day for children and staff last Friday, as school children nationwide celebrated the Armed Forces and raised funds for the three main service charities.

With over 70,000 pupils taking part in the annual fundraiser, the event aimed to raise awareness of the Army, RAF and Navy, and provide young people with an insight into the work of the three main service charities in the UK – the RAF Benevolent Fund, ABF The Soldiers' Charity,  and the Royal Navy & Marines Charity.

New Elgin Primary School was just one of the hundreds of schools who took part.  New Elgin Primary 5 Rotakids organised the celebrations on the day with assistance from teachers Calum Henderson and Sarah Will – with everyone making a special effort to dress up for the occasion.

Regiment at New Elgin school.jpg

Two special assemblies for the school’s 600 pupils were attended by visitors from the Elgin Rotary, RAF Benevolent Fund and very special guest Mick McConnell, who lost a leg when serving in Afghanistan. Mick brought along his partner from his RAF days, former explosives detection dog Memphis. Meanwhile on the school playground pupils were being treated to displays by the RAF Lossiemouth Police unit and 51 Squadron RAF Regiment.

“Everyone had a fantastic day,” Sarah enthused, “with the children really getting into the theme and very aware of the importance of the event.”

"Red, White and Blue Day is both an educational and fun day for everyone and I’m delighted we decided to end our school term in such a wonderful fashion."

Mick also had an enjoyable day with the children: "They were clearly taken with Memphis of course, but their questions were actually very insightful for people so young.

"The importance of the job that Memphis carried out was certainly not lost on the children, who were keen to know how he had escaped the explosive that I managed to step on. They also wanted to know how I managed with my 'robotic' leg – and if I had a second one to wear in bed at night!"

Another highlight for the children was a visit from the Fund's Ben Elephant, with the chair of Team RAFBF Lossiemouth Karen Cox saying: "We had a great day with the children at New Elgin Primary who were wonderfully attentive and knowledgeable.

"Ben caused a lot of excitement – but the children were the real stars, they took to the theme and made it an absolute pleasure to have been a part of Red, White and Blue Day."

Over 250 schools took part in the event, with many more celebrations planned for this week. Click here if would like to find out more about Red, White and Blue Day.

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