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A shorter-than-expected Monarch, who was as exciting as Santa Claus!

Celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday this year will be all the more special for two youngsters living at RAF Lossiemouth – after they met Her Majesty during a visit to the RAF station in 2014.

RAF Lossiemouth kids

The Queen was there to open a new Quick Reaction Alert facility but during her trip took time to visit members of the RAF Benevolent Fund's Airplay youth group. The youngsters were studying photography as part of the Awards for Kids scheme and showed the Queen a display of their work.

Jennifer Pettinger, 11, said: "I was nervous, excited and scared all at the same time when I met the Queen. She asked me about shutter speeds so I explained that fast shutter speed is better than slow shutter speed as you don’t get blurred pictures.

"Meeting the Queen was like meeting Santa as I had heard about her and seen her on the news but never thought I would get to meet her.

"I would say to the Queen 'happy birthday I hope you have lots of fun enjoy your special day'. I think she will spend her birthday with her family."

Libby Hunt, 12, added: “It was an amazing experience to meet the Queen, I can’t describe it. I felt really privileged.

"She was admiring my photos and asking about them, where I took them, did I enjoy photography, and did I enjoy going to Airplay.

"I answered her questions about photography and how much I enjoyed it, and I told her about how much I enjoyed going to Airplay and all the fun things we did there.

"She was very polite and shorter than I was expecting, but she was really nice.

"I think the Queen would spend her birthday sat down with her feet up, surrounded by her family, enjoying a nice cup of tea.

"I’m not sure what we are doing at Airplay but, I would like to have a party where we all have to dress up as a member of the Royal Family, and decorate the circle with British bunting, and eat afternoon tea.

"During the Queen's visit, I gave the Queen and Prince Phillip an anniversary card to celebrate their marriage, I only signed it with my first name.

"I received a letter back from Buckingham Palace, from the Queen's lady-in-waiting thanking me for the card. What I was puzzled at was how they managed to find out it was me who sent the card, there are lots of Libbys in the United Kingdom and I only put my first name on it so someone must have gone to a lot of effort to find out who I was."


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