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Sir Terry Wogan backs bite-sized marathon for RAF veterans

Sir Terry Wogan at Echo Xray Marafon launchMarathons aren't for everyone. Some can't do the distance because of health, fitness or disability, and others just don't have the inclination. But the RAF's leading welfare charity, the RAF Benevolent Fund, has the solution.

Its very own 'maRAFon' will see elderly, injured and disabled RAF veterans and their families, friends and supporters, including Sir Terry Wogan, walking, rolling or running their own distance, to be collected into a single grand total over the Easter weekend (18-21 April 2014).

We're hoping that people across the UK will help us complete the equivalent of many marathons over the four days," says ex-RAF man and charity fundraiser Norman Macintosh, who came up with the idea.

"Everyone will contribute whatever distance they can do, from a few yards to many miles. We'll be working to ignite some old rivalries; ground crew versus air crew, techies versus telegraphists, squadron versus squadron and ultimately, RAF Station versus RAF Station, all competing to raise the most funds."

Sir Terry Wogan, a keen supporter of the RAF Benevolent Fund, helped launch the initiative alongside Great Escape veteran Charles Clarke. He said: "We all watch the London Marathon every year and think 'that looks amazing' but people like me haven't a chance of managing it ourselves.

"The maRAFon is a great way for young and old, disabled and able-bodied, fit and unfit to come together and have fun for a great cause. Charities that help those who give, or have given, service to this country deserve our full support."

Mike Neville, RAF Benevolent Fund's Director of Fundraising, says: "There are lots of people who want to support the RAF Benevolent Fund, but many are not as fit as they used to be or have injuries or disabilities. We were thrilled when Norman came up with the idea of a team maRAFon and look forward to supporting all those taking part. I am particularly interested in Norman's idea about rekindling old rivalries, and as a former Herc aircrew I know where my loyalties lie!"


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