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Support for the Bomber Command Memorial

Bomber Command MemorialFollowing the vandalism at the Bomber Command Memorial, we have been very pleased to witness a wonderful outpouring of public support and generosity. Dean Benton, our Director of Marketing and Communications, tells us more.

We had an extremely busy day yesterday, receiving several calls from the national press and wider media, all of whom wished to cover the story of the vandalism to the Bomber Command Memorial in a supportive and sympathetic way.

Expressions of support from members of the public have also been heart-warming and we are incredibly grateful to all those who have made a donation both in support of the clean-up operation and the wider ongoing costs of maintenance.

Sadly, the cost of the clean up exercise is likely to run into several thousands of pounds; the damage that has been incurred to the stonework is proving stubborn and resistant to cleaning.

Our thanks also go to a number of companies and individuals who contacted me personally yesterday by ‘phone and email offering their free advice and expertise in aspects of stonework cleansing and restoration.

The RAF Benevolent Fund's appointed contractors are continuing to try and solve the problem and are working closely with the architect, Liam O'Connor, who was on site last night until 10pm.

Dean Benton

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