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Supporting veterans in their time of need

Paul meets Peter Sinclair, who was a navigator in the Second WorldThe RAF Benevolent Fund always aims to find the most effective way to support the RAF family. Sometimes we work with partner charities such as hospices. One of our regional directors, Paul Hewson, tells us more.

We recently provided an external grant to the Hospice in the Weald in Tunbridge Wells. So I decided to visit, to get a better idea of their work for the local community. 

The RAF Benevolent Fund support hospices, such as the Hospice in the Weald, because of the work they do in helping those members of the RAF family in their time of need.

The hospice is run by Rob Woolley, an ex-RAF doctor who is well aware of the great work that we do for the RAF family.  

During my visit I was introduced to Peter Sinclair who has been helped by the hospice for several months.

Peter served in the RAF for many years, initially as a navigator during the Second World War and subsequently in the personnel branch. He told me that sadly his wife had passed away, but before she died she had been provided with a mobility scooter by the RAF Benevolent Fund to help with her mobility.

It was lovely for me to be able to sit and chat with both Peter and hear firsthand about the difference that the RAF Benevolent Fund makes to people’s lives in their time of need.

By Paul Hewson

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