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What Remembrance Day means to me

Former Senior Aircraftman Michael Goody has been supported by the RAF Benevolent Fund ever since he was seriously injured in Afghanistan in 2008. In this guest blog, Michael tells us what Remembrance Day means to him.

I've lost friends and colleagues in Afghanistan and Remembrance is a time to think about them as well as all of the other Service personnel who have died in conflicts around the world. 

Many of us will say that it's a job that we love to do but we're also serving our country and that should never be forgotten.

But this is also a time to think about the families that are left behind when someone is killed. They have to get on with their lives and I know of families who can struggle for years with that. It's tough when you lose a mate but it's harder for the wives, girlfriends and the children that are left behind.

I think we should also remember those men and women who have suffered life-changing injuries while they've been on duty.

Even though I chose to have my foot amputated after I was injured by a roadside bomb, I've been lucky in that it hasn't stopped me from leading an independent life and pursuing a new career as a paramedic.

Many aren't that lucky and it's days like Remembrance that can encourage people to stop and think about our RAF men and women, and hopefully donate to charities like the RAF Benevolent Fund, who can support them. This Remembrance Day I will be thinking about these people and their families.

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