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Spring budget

What the Spring Budget means for the RAF Family



Welfare benefits


RAF Family

RAF Benevolent Fund Welfare Benefits Advisor Jen Kelly outlines some of the key welfare benefit and income maximisation changes announced in the Spring Budget, which may affect the RAF Family in a positive way.

The below are just a few of the changes announced, for more details on the Spring Budget please see here.

Universal Credit (UC) – Work Capability Assessment (WCA) to be abolished

There are plans to abolish the WCA in UC, which means those who are unable to work because of their health will no longer have to undergo this assessment in order to get relevant support in their UC. 

Instead, those who get Personal Independence Payment (PIP) would get a new Health Element in UC, which will be the same rate as the current ‘Limited Capability for Work Related Activity Element’ (which can only currently be included following a WCA).

This would mean that most claimants would only have to undergo one assessment (for PIP) instead of having an assessment for both PIP and UC.

The current plan is that this will apply to new claims from around 2026/27.

Universal Credit – increasing help with childcare

Currently, the maximum amount of help that you can get with childcare costs in UC is £646 per month for one child and £1,108 per month for 2 or more children. In the summer this is due to increase to £951 per month for one child and £1,630 per month for 2 or more children.

In addition, currently, childcare costs under UC are paid in arrears, however this is due to change, and childcare costs should be able to be paid upfront to those who are moving into work or increasing their hours. The date of this change has not yet been published.

Both of these changes should help parents on UC who want to move into work.

Cost of living support – Energy Price Guarantee to continue

It had already been announced that the Government’s cost of living support will continue into 2023, and to further help with the cost of living, the Energy Price Guarantee will remain at £2,500 for the next three months (from April to June). 

Support for veterans

Although not specifically related to welfare benefits or income maximisation, it was announced in the Spring Budget than an additional £33 million will be provided to increase veterans services, including increasing the availability of veteran housing and support for those with serious physical injury due to service.

If you want to speak about the above, or about benefits in general, give us a call on 0300 102 1919 or email