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Kath Long

Kath Long from Sheffield joined the WAAF in 1941 and served as a Teleprinter Operator until she started a family and left the Service in 1944. Kath's husband, Eric, also served in the RAF as a Wireless Operator and was based for part of his career in Egypt.

Kath served with Bomber Command in Pocklington, Yorkshire. The Teleprinter Room was manned 24 hours a day and the women who worked there would receive a daily bulletin detailing the operations for that night which were then given to the Ops Room for plotting.

Kath Long

Kath says: "I loved every minute of my time in the RAF. There was tremendous comradeship, it gave you independence and made you grow up.

"It changed your life. We would be on duty day and night but nobody ever moaned. Those boys went out and had no idea if they were coming back – of course, it was upsetting when one of our planes didn't return."

Kath, now 93, suffers from arthritis and poor mobility and was finding it difficult to sit comfortably in her old armchair.

"The RAF Benevolent Fund stepped in and bought her a riser recliner chair and we also pay her a monthly financial supplement.

Kath says: "The chair was made to fit me and it has made such a difference – I can't thank the RAF Benevolent Fund enough. I would not have been able to replace it myself but it was getting harder and harder to sit comfortably.

"The financial assistance I receive helps me with my day-to-day living costs, managing without it would be difficult. I would urge anybody who served in the RAF to contact the RAF Benevolent Fund for help if they need it and not let something like pride get in the way. If you have served then help is out there if you need it."

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