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Our standard weekly rate is £459 per person or £67 per person per night. Assistance with the cost of your stay may be available through the RAF Benevolent Fund.

We offer Mates rates: £57 per person per night for sharing. Meals (full board), hot drinks and entertainment are included in the price of your stay. In addition, you can buy alcohol, soft drinks and newspapers. Even before applying any charges, the RAF Benevolent Fund heavily subsidises the day-to-day running of PMH as well as the cost of your stay. However, we ask you to pay only what you can reasonably afford. If you're on a limited income, we will meet any shortfall between what you can afford and the full charge.

We are also able to offer the following tariffs to guests not receiving personal care. 

Half Board £61 per person per night Mates rates £49 per person per night
Bed and Breakfast £54 per person per night Mates rates £46 per person per night

We are able to offer spare capacity to those members of the other services at our kindred rate of £651 per week.

Please call us on 01903 788 970 or 01903 784 044 for information about our special offers, including our discounted 60-80 Club weeks.

Application procedure

In order to apply for a stay at Princess Marina House you will need to complete an application form and a self-assessment form.

If you require some assistance to complete the form  or to help pay part of the cost of your stay then you will need a caseworker. Your caseworker will visit you to complete the forms to assess your financial situation and verify your service history.

Your caseworker will also assist  you to complete a self-assessment form which will enable us to determine your care needs.

We usually use SSAFA and RAFA caseworkers.

To arrange a visit please:

To set up a repeat booking with us, please fill in our repeat booking form.

On receipt of the forms, your Forces Service will be verified and you will be assessed to ensure that Princess Marina House is able to meet your need.

If we are unable to meet your need you will be informed within four weeks of receipt of your application. If your application is successful, you will be sent a booking offer letter at least three months prior your requested booking date.

Alternatively contact the RAF Benevolent Fund support line at 0300 102 1919 and ask for help with welfare breaks.

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